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ABC Detox Foot Patch

ABC Detox Foot Patch
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ABC Detox Foot Patch
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ABC Detox Foot Patch - 10 pieces per box

ABC Detox Foot Patch is an all natural patch that works to cleanse and detoxify your system while you sleep. In fact, you will see difference in just one night. You will see the morning after you wear the first patch that it has turned completely dark. Each night as you continue to wear ABC Detox Foot Patch, it should get lighter and lighter as your system detoxifies and becomes more pure. You should also continually feel more energized, cleaner, lighter, healthier, and more clear-minded.

ABC Detox Foot Patch help discharge internal moisture and toxins from vola through acupuncture pints. It can relieve tensions & fatigue, promote sleeping, brighten & soften skin and promote health condition. The magical effects of ABC foot patch can be both felt and seen. It has become the most popular and well-known detox and health care products throughout Asia and then rapidly sweeping through other areas like American & European countries. It has function of wiping off splash, elimination constipation, reliving fatigue, promoting sleeping, relieving ankylosis and pressure of neck, shoulder, waist, back and extremities and brightening and purifying skin.


ABC Detox Foot Slimming Patch

1.Lose weight effective

2.No Side effect,No rebound

3.Lose weight easily


Minus ion, Bamboo vinegar, Carapace, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Plant powder, Cornstarch, Wood Vinegar

How to use the ABC Detox Foot Patch:

1.Remove the larger piece from the adhesive sheet and discard.

2.Place the Detox Foot Patch onto its center, making sure that the writing on the

sachets is facing down toward the adhesive surface.

3. Stick and spread firmly onto the sole of your foot. For best results, put them on

some time before bedtime, you can wear them around the house if you sleep less than 8 hours.

4. Allow 8 to 12 hours for toxins to be fully absorbed from your body before

removing the Detox Foot Patches

Applicable For:

The cosmetic users, the belly-bound, the old & the infirm, the obese, the depressed, smokers & drinkers, workers who have to stand for long time and people who work with lots of pressure.

Where To Use:

Directly attach it to the uncomfortable parts, such as the joint, the hand palm, the waist, the shoulder, the back and limp calf, the weary feet and the overworked muscles.


Store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

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