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Basha Nut 100% Fruit Soft Gel

Basha Nut 100% Fruit Soft Gel
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Basha Nut 100% Fruit Soft Gel
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Basha Nut-100% Fruit Soft Gel

Basha Nut Fruit Soft Gel is a kind of soft gel which is made of 100% Natural and herbal plants. All the plants are powerful and effective in reducing weight. The most important ingredients of the Basha Nut Fruit Weight Loss Diet is the Basha fruit which make the gels good in taste and also easy to be absorbed. Basha Nut Fruit Weight Loss Diet can make you lose 5-12 lbs in a week without any side effect and rebound.

Basha Nut Slimming Capsule Weight Loss was first found in Brazilian Amazon area. It meant "Brazil magical fruit" at the first time. Basha Nut has a variety of Vitamins and minerals that are know to change Fat into Muscle. Losing weight swiftly with amazing effect. Start losing 1-2 kg each day as soon as you start taking basha slimming capsules.Basha Nut slimming capsule it has stable and lasting effects, the body is without discomfort after taking this product. Traits are the nano-activating factor, can act directly on fat cells, can be absorbed more efficiently in the body.


1. Basha nut Fruit Weight Loss Diet Clean the fat cells and toxin.

2. Basha nut Fruit Soft Gel works directly on the part which the fat get accumulated and block fat absorption.

3. Basha Nut Fruit Weight Loss Diet can also improve the digest system.

4. Basha nut Fruit Soft Gel can clean the intestines system.

How dose the Basha Nut Fruit Soft Gel work?

After Basha nut Fruit Soft Gel enters the digestive system, CBI contains in the Basha Nut Fruit Soft Gel increases the digestion process and breaks down and flushes fat out of the system rapidly. So CBI is a good way to lessen fat absorption into the body while changing fat into muscle so that you can get the effect of losing weight swiftly.


Basha fruit extract, lotus leaf extract, cassia seed, etc.

Usage and Dosage:

Once/day, one capsule/time before or after breakfast.

Suitable Ages:

Both men and women between 18-60 years old.

Suited Community:

Those with simple fatness.


1.Not for people with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease;

2.Not for people with psychosis or addict of drugs, medicine or alcohol;

3.Not for people with hyperthyroidism, isufficiency of liver or kindeny;

4.Not for people with protatic hyperplasia or glaucoma;

5.Not for women in preganancy or lactation;

6.Can not be taken with other drugs.

Valid Period:

24 months.

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