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Instant Slim

Instant Slim
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Instant Slim
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Instant Slim Tengda Diet Pills-Original Factory Seal

Instant Slim Diet Pills extracted from plants and fruits, such as nuts, apple, common fenugreek seed, lemon, kiwi fruit and etc...and produced by high technology, the most important characteristic is little dose, quick effect and safe, it not only lose weight, but also help the buttocks up, because the unique fruit formula contain plenty of pectin, it can tighten the buttock skin and obtain lifting the buttocks, which will help you achieve the condition of "wasp waist and raising buttocks.

The characteristic of Instant Slim Diet Pills:

1.Weight reduction through the plants with safe and healthy

2.Reducing abdomen and lifting buttocks, no rebounding

3.Fragrant fruits type, with international fashion

4.Have obvious effect in short time

5,Directional weight reduction with special for belly

6.One capsule each day , convenient for taking

1. Does the Instant Slim diet pills has side effect?

Instant Slim diet pills are made from the plants & plants, have no side effect, please take at it easy.

2. Does Instant Slim diet pills rebound?

No rebound, because the process including two stages: lose weight stage and consolidation stage. When you achieve your satisfied weight, it’s very important to keep the weight, such as take one capsule for 2-3 days, or take suitable exercise, prevent rebound.

3. Is it possible to take Instant Slim diet pills during illness or take with other weight loss pills at the same time?

No, we don’t recommend the people take the weight loss pill during illness, prevent from taking the different medicine at the same time will cause unsuitable symptom. 

4. What should notice when people take Instant Slim diet pills?

During this period, we recommend people can eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, take suitable exercise and keep a good mood.

 [Main Ingredients of Instant Slim Diet Pills]:

Nuts, apple, common fenugreek seed, kiwi fruits, extracts of konjaku and etc.

[Healthcare function of Instant Slim Diet Pills]:

lifting buttocks and weight reduction (especially for the belly fat)

[Suitable people of Instant Slim Diet Pills]:

Aiming at the simple obesity people, obstinate obesity type people and the people with inefficacy on repeated weight reduction, this product is more suitable for the people with fat belly.

[Precautions of Instant Slim Diet Pills]: 

Children, pregnant woman, the patients with the heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and the patients with apoplexy family history and kidney disease are contraindicated

[Usage and dosage of Instant Slim Diet Pills]:

One time a day and one capsule each time (taking before or after breakfast).

[License number]: Food &Sanitation Health certificate (2000), No. 0921

[Shelf life]: 24 months

[Storage]: Seal and keep it in the shady and cool, dry place.

[Manufacturer]: Guangzhou Instant Slim Health Care Product Technology Development Co. Ltd.

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