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Lida Lipo Pearl

Lida Lipo Pearl
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Lida Lipo Pearl
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Lida Lipo Pearl - Original 100% Herbal weight loss 30 capsules

Lida Lipo Pearl slimming capsule is a comprehensive Chinese herbal weight loss formula, which can suppress appetite, increase energy levels, enhance metabolism and melt away excess body fat.

Lida Lipo Pearl benefits in area of the body such as abs, arms, legs hips and buttocks,with appropriate exercise, flabby body parts can be fired up quickly.

Herbal essences with no preservatives,no side effect


Bitter orange extracts 43%

India lutos 11%

Cassia 22%

Alisma 16%

L-carnitine 15%


Recommend as diet supplement use, mainly L-carnitine and flavonoids.


1 time/day, 1 capsule/time

Shelf Time:

24 months

Storage condition:

Place of dry, dark and black light


350mg 30 caps


1.Fast work, obvious effect.

2.suppresses appetite, no hunger.

3.No Rebound.

4. Do not destory the metabolic process.(diarrhea)

5.No chemcials.

6.No hormone.

7.No side effect.

8.No dependence.


Not applicable for women in pregnancy, patients of heart diseases or hypertension.

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