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Super Slim Pomegranate

Super Slim Pomegranate
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Super Slim Pomegranate
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Super Slim Pomegranate is a well known weight loss product in the US and Europe. It consists of herbal blends that are responsible for weight loss, the main ingredient is extract of Pomegranate and many other fruits such as Koncing Nut, Apple and Kiwi etc, all these ingredients combined in a pill and work to shorten the time of food poison staying in stomach, expel the toxin from human body, and meanwhile supply nutrition.

Mechanism of Action:

Natural, safe:

Super Slim uses normal fruit which has been taken for thousands of years as raw material, through the most advanced technology to concentrate and purify. It is all natural, safe with no poison elements.

Eat freely, no diet:

Super Slim contains konjac extractive powder, sweet potato, distil material and other natural components which can make you feel full and not want to eat. You can really enjoy food and not worry about gaining weight.

Efficient, feel good:

Concentrate active distil material from koncing which is being called " super fat burning", combined with konjac which is a "fat fighter" can decompose body fat immediately, quicken your metabolism and stop the absorption of fat after food is eaten  making you feel lighter the first day.


300mg x 30 Pills/box.


Hoodia P57, ChromeMate, Apple concentrates, Erythritol, Microcrystalline cellulose, Maltodextrin, Magnesium stearate.


1. Green to lose weight, safe and secure;

2. Suppress appetite, without dieting;

3. The effect of rapid, have the effect at the first day;

4. The fruit recipe , row poison fast;

5. One pill per day, convenient taking;

6. Directed weight loss, work wonder.

Dosage and Usage:

Take 1 capsule per day, 3 box continously, then stop for 1-2 months after reaching the proper weight, take 1 capsule each 2 or 3 days to keep the effect constant.

Suitable People:

1. Fat diet: Eating too fast, appetite, eat and drink too much, nutrition surplus, metabolic disorders;

2. The firm sex fat: Fat difficult arm has reduced fat, food, drug therapies;

3. Secondary obesity: Reduce the fat place finish, drink any fat, poor body condition.


Not intend for the use of pregnants or breastfeeding women, as well as other serious disease patients


Place in airproof, shady and dry condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf Life:

24 months.

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