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Trim Fast Advanced Slimming Soft Gel

Trim Fast Advanced Slimming Soft Gel
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Trim Fast Advanced Slimming Soft Gel
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Trim Fast Advanced Weight Loss Soft Gel is 100% pure herbal slimming capsule. Trim Fast Advance Weight Loss Soft Gel is the strong version. So it works fast and has dual effect, help you suppress appetite and quickly burns calories from first day. Trim Fast Advance Weight Loss Soft Gel easily loss10-20lbs monthly without any harm any side effect. Just 30 days give you a best slimming shape!

How Trim Fast Advanced Slimming Soft Gel works?

Trim Fast Advanced is the stronger verison of trim fast slimming soft gel. Trim-fast advavnced is the pure herbal without any side effects, it will control your appetite, boost your energy, especially increase bowel movements.

Mechanism of Action:

1. Controls the hunger hormone to suppress appetite reduce calorie intake.

2. Multi-nutrition improves the metabolism, free of diarrhea, constipation and rebounding.

3. Multi-lipolysis factors reduce fat synthesis, accelerate fat burning, block absorption of fat and control weight effectively.  

Product Features:

1. 100% herbal, non-toxic.

2.  No diarrhea.Free of sice effects.

3.  Slows the aging of the skin.

4.  GMP Standard.

5.  Suppressing appetite.

6.  Increases metabolism up to 18 times.

7.  Reduces accumulated fats in the body.

8.  Fast working form the first day.

9.  Significantly increases energy.

Ingredients: Jobstears, Artemisia Dracunculus, Bamboo Shoot, Pyllium Husk, Lotus Leat, Seed Fat etc.

Specification: 650mg*30 capsules

Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily before or after breakfast.  

Shelf Period: 24 months

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, keep out of reach of children.

Suitable For: Both men and women between 18-60 years.

Unsuitable for: Pregnant or nursing women, anemia, kidney dysfunction, high blood pressure and cardiovascular patient.

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